Mission Statement

(adopted by the congregation, January 2002)

Inspired by Christ, we strive to create
a reconciling community
where all are welcome to seek, worship, and
serve as individuals
interwoven by God's love.

Our goal of spiritual wholeness encourages:

  • Open dialogue
  • Mutual respect
  • Spiritual quest

The statement is versatile as it declares "striving to create a reconciling community." First, striving to create proclaims "we're working on it." Some of us are able to affirm diverse individuals, while others are able to reconcile, and still others are trying as best they can to at least welcome diverse people into our Pilgrim community. Reconciling is also versatile because it means that we agree to disagree while still honoring and respecting one another at our open table. By making a covenant as a reconciling community, we show that we are spiritually "inspired by Christ," that we celebrate our many different theological backgrounds and beliefs, and that all are truly welcome as individuals interwoven by God's love.