In early 2010, while a few Pilgrims were earnestly discussing the news of the day, one of us had a sudden inspiration:

"Why does it seem like the only time Christians are on the news lately, they're mad about something? Don't they have anything to be happy or thankful about?"

(Mind you, this was after the summer of the health care reform protests, the Tea Party, and a certain group that feels compelled to protest at funerals of American servicemembers).

Rather than strike back at the negativity with more negativity, we hit upon a fresh idea: Positive Picketing. We would go out into our community, flash mob-style, carrying messages of peace, love, hope, and joy. In particular, we would go to the site of community organizations that we thought were worthy of more respect and thanks than they were getting: the unsung and under-recognized heroes of our daily lives.

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